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Learn Animation, VFX and Gaming from Industry Professionals

The animation and visual effects (VFX) industry continues to steadily gain acceptance with Indian talent poised to rub shoulders with global counterparts. According to the KPMG India-FICCI Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Report 2017, the Indian animation and VFX industry grew at 16.4% in 2016 to reach a size of 59.5 billion rupees, driven majorly by a 31% growth in VFX, with animation remaining steady at a growth rate of 9 percent. And, with the huge increase in Indian animated productions, this means that there are plenty of job openings, but very few to fill them!

All this has made animation education a huge demand, but this confuses potential students as choosing the right animation school proves to be extremely difficult. To help students navigate through the world of animation schools, we have put together an improved method of teaching – by veteran industry professionals who currently work in top studios across the world. Everyone who runs Nanomyte Animation Academy has over 10 years of work experience in the Animation industry. This has given us the expertise to be aware of what the industry demands allowing us to take an informed approach towards training future professionals. That’s why we know how to achieve our promise of supplying 100% knowledge and skilled application.

When your entire focus is on a single area, you master it; when all you teach is 3D animation, you get pretty good at that too. Nanomyte Animation Academy’s sole concentration is on 3D animation, VFX and Game Art. We enroll a limited number of students annually so as to maintain a good teacher-student ratio. We foster tight relationships with mainstream animation studios all over India, and it is BFX CGI (, our parent company studio in India that handles most of the training programme design.

We consider it important to recognize that animation education is unending. And it certainly does not conclude with an 18-month diploma. Working in the animation industry means constantly learning; perfecting upcoming new tools, new plugins, and new techniques. Nanomyte Animation Academy offers just this – a professional training and 3D animation network that caters to exactly this style of learning. We are one of the few institutes that are partnered with a studio, offer 100% job placement assistance and 100% knowledge, and our teaching staff are actual animation professionals, who have worked on a wide range of International productions. So, whether you want to animate a group of dogs in space, create shots involving giant robots, or work on the next edition of Assassin’s Creed, we are here to guide you every step of the way!

You will be guided throughout your course by our professional team, including one-on-one career counseling, periodic progress updates, and will be provided the resources you need to land your dream job in the Animation, VFX or gaming industry!



Thup Nair
Thup Nair

Thup has been in the animation industry since 2007, and has worked at studios such as Maya Entertainment Limited. She is currently the Placement Head at Nanomyte Academy, and is also the co-owner and Head of Production for BFX CGI. She has produced multiple European animated features such as The Stolen Princess, The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear, Up and Away, Space Dogs 1 & 2, Knight Rusty 2 and several international animated television series such as Smeshariki: Pin-Kod, Space Dogs: Funny Family, Kong Kong Land, and Talking Tom Shorts to name a few.

Other than a cartoon poducer, she is a motorcycle enthusiast, scuba diver and CrossFit athlete, dog rescue volunteer and has a black-belt in Judo.

Subrata Biswas

Career Advisor

Best career advisor awarded, working more than 20 years in educational field, served him self  as a good Educator/Educationist/Career Advisor over more than 25000 students among them 95% students are successful to build their bright career , future and dream.

Education is the first step for people to gain the knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment and skills they need to make this world a better place. It’s important to seize the day, but always make time to go deeper and wider in your learning. The more you learn, the more you want to learn, the more the world becomes more interesting to you, and discovering it becomes more fun.

Education impacts societies worldwide for the better!


I have the capacity to successfully turn anyone’s dream from any part of the world.”

Sangita Kalita
Managing partner

Growing up in different parts of north east, Sangita, developed a close kinship with colours and canvases as a young child. She has been experimenting with different colours and painting techniques since her childhood and had mastered the art quite efficiently at a very young age.
Sangita, now, is an artist who has her specialty in canvas painting. She is very creative and sees herself as an observer and critic. Her art is the manifestation of her imagination. She documents the nature and portrays society in her canvas with a modern perspective. She has also done a lot of freelance work and her works have been displayed in many exhibitions across north east.
Besides being an artist, She is an animal lover and has rescued many of them. She also loves to cook and teach small children.


Ambar Nair
Ambar Nair
Owner, BFX CGI

Ambar is the owner and producer of BFX CGI, one of the oldest and leading animation studios in India, established in 2006. He is an external advisor for career paths for Nanomyte Academy, and organises the Overseas & External Training Program (OETP) for selecting and placing the senior BFX CGI professionals, as well as  leading CG industry professionals from foreign countries as lecturers and instructors at the Academy.


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Industry experts speak

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Industry experts speak

Christoph Roth

Senior VFX Producer for Disney’s The Lion King, MPC (London)

Even after 20 years in the animation and VFX industry as an CG artist and Producer of various commercials and feature films, I am learning new technologies and methodologies on an every day basis.

The industry has come a long way in the last 30 years, but it is still evolving and constantly changing, making it difficult for both long standing industry professionals and new starters to keep up with the pace.

New technologies like AR and VR will slowly make its way into every day film making, whether it’s in Pre-, Physical or Postproduction giving directors, producers and artists new tools to use so that they can reach their artistic vision.

Then you have the rules and standards that were established by companies like Walt Disney or Dreamworks and Pixar, that can be applied to all animated films and need to be learned by all students, whether they are pursuing a career in traditional animation or CGI.

I endorse schools like Nanomyte, who give students the opportunity to find the best approach in learning the craft and developing their skills. It’s a vast forest of information out there and Nanomyte helps finding a way through the thicket.

Christoph Roth
Senior VFX Producer for Disney’s The Lion King, MPC (London)

Maya academy in kolkata
Gianluca Dentici
Senior compositor/VFX supervisor at Framestore / Dneg (London)
Best Multimedia Training institute in kolkata
Jørgen Lerdam
Owner & Animation Director at A-Film (Copenhagen)
Best VFX Training institute in kolkata
Alexey Medvedev
Supervising Animator / Animation teacher, Wizart Series (Moscow)
Best Animation Training institute in kolkata

Industry experts speak

Heiko Hentschel

Art Director & Production Designer for Features (Hamburg)

We all want to move forward. The business is constantly changing and we have to keep up. When I was working at BFX CGI I could feel that “movement” in terms of artistry, passion and technology. Nanomyte Animation Academy is the next step. Good luck to all students. This is your chance to evolve.

Heiko Hentschel
Art Director for Features, Independent (Hamburg)

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